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About Melanie Fisher

She has a passion for venturing off the beaten path and immersing herself in diverse, unique cultures as well as visiting well known locations, spending time in museums and enjoying local cuisine no matter where she goes. Her travel background includes a wide range of adventures to over 30 countries including:

  • Visiting many locations across Mexico from the Yucatan, Baja, Zihuatanejo region, Puerto Vallarta, and more!
  • Stand up paddle boarding in as many countries as possible.
  • Cycle touring for 3 months through New Zealand, and 2 months through Nepal & India.
  • Sailing in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Visiting many European countries both by trail and car, loving the food and vino the entire time.
  • Buying a one way ticket to Asia and spending over a year traveling solo.
  • Renting kayaks in Belize and traveling by water to different islands.
  • Visiting South Africa where her husband grew up.
  • Living in Japan (teaching English for 2 years), traveling whenever possible to visit hot springs, temples, and to eat as much amazing food as possible.
  • And traveling to other countries such as Portugal, Croatia, Canada, Thailand, Israel, Tibet, Singapore, the United States, and more!

Melanie loves to share her travel findings with others by creating group tour itineraries and travel agendas for individuals to assist others on their travels. After years of working in tourism, and making connections across the globe, Melanie looks forward to exploring how her expertise and background can benefit you! Please fill out the Contact form to get started..

You can find Melanie on Instagram at @foodie.foofoo and @part.time.nomad

Sen-sei noun: A teacher or instructor. Typically used after a person’s name. Also implies “one who teaches based on wisdom from age and experience.” Japanese in origin.

Melanie Fisher

Melanie Fisher