Effective Online Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

Learn How To Grow Sales and Customer Trust

Help Search Engine Websites List Your Business Abundantly

Improve Your Website's User Experience - And Sales

What Consulting Sensei Can Do For You

Guide you to create a strong, trust building internet presence for your business through personalized lessons and custom consulting.

Grow search engines result listings, increasing customers awareness of your brand. Enhance your website to be an effective selling machine or important resource to bring customers to your storefront.

Implement necessary changes yourselves or work alongside Consulting Sensei while we do changes for you. We’re effective, efficient and affordable. We look forward to working together!


Get Motivated To Grow

The first step is to recognize the potential in upping your online marketing game with our help. We don’t expect you to be a marketing wizard. That’s why we are here.


Make an Appointment

Contact Consulting Sensei and we'll decide the package and length of time we will work together. Add more lessons once you see how valuable our time together is!


Business Analysis 

Consulting Sensei will start by analyzing your website, search rankings and social media channels to create a personalized plan for your business.


Learn Through Lessons

It's impossible to learn a new language in one sitting, just like learning every aspect of online marketing. Lessons are broken into smaller manageable chunks to help.


Making Changes

In between lessons is where the magic happens. To do lists will be developed from our time together and either accomplished by yourself or Consulting Sensei.