Here I go!! Am I really about to start my OWN business?

I can’t explain how excited I am (and just a teeny bit terrified too). The best part is knowing that I am not doing this alone.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve been an important part of the path to get to this point. You have all given me a place to be a passionate business owner, create jobs and be creative. It’s all taught me a ton through the years and I’m thankful for every second of it.

If I can white water SUP, I can start my own business!

And now, this new venture focusing on empowering others to be successful. I’m excited to share what has brought me success (and the failures I learned from) to help cultivate success for others.

My new business, Consulting Sensei is teaching small businesses how to do their own online marketing. This includes what search engine optimization needs to look like, how to use social media and ensure the business’s website functions properly to direct customers to spend money. Everything is taught through smaller lessons, broken up into specific topics the business owner has chosen. You can read all about it on this website.

I’m looking forward to working with passionate small business owners looking to up their marketing game, be more successful or take back control from a marketing company that is not delivering. I’m open to work with any business ready to do some work and grow.

There are a few reasons I have reached out to you:

  • To thank you for being part of the process of my business growth. I would not be here if it was not for my community that has taught me a ton through real life examples. Thank you for everything, even those of you who told me no through the years. Maybe especially those of you (I swear my photo is on a dart board at Travel Oregon somewhere..)
  • To ask that you think of my new business when you go about your daily life. Please refer me to friends, business acquaintances and others you know I could help. Help me spread the word either verbally or via links online (good for SEO you know..). Thanks to technology, I can work with clients across the US, not just in Bend.
  • Help me grow my business by leaving me a review online at one or all of the three links below (copy and paste, maybe tweak the post a little). I can’t stress how helpful reviews can be!! If you have some thoughts a business owner who doesn’t know me would benefit hearing relating to your experience working with me, please share this for others to see. Reviews are very important for SEO too, especially a brand-new business like mine.

Thank you again. And be on the lookout for my official announcements in early January!!
And yes, I’m making appointments for January.

-Melanie AKA the Consulting Sensei 🙂

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